Telkom (TKG) FY24 Results Snapshot

Diluted HEPS of 367.5 cps (FY23: -35.5 cps).
Revenue up by 1.5% y-y to R42 463m.
EBITDA margin up to 22.2% (FY23: 19.2%).
Operating margin improved significantly to 9.2% (FY23: -30.0%).
Expenses decreased by 5.7% y-y, while expense-to-sales at 92.7% (FY23: 99.8%).
No dividend (FY23: nil).
Mobile service revenue up by 6.8% to R19 026m and surpassed 20m mobile subscribers.
Openserve’s fibre connectivity rate advanced to 48.5% as TKG prioritised monetising their fixed network and passed more than 1.2m homes with fibre.