Ab InBev (ANH) Results Snapshot FY22

Underlying EPS 3.0cps (+5.2% y-y).
Revenue increased by 6.4% y-y to USD57.8bn.
GPM down 299bps from 57.5% to 54.5%.
Expense decreased by -0.1% y-y with expense to sales ratio down from 32.4% to 30.4%.
EBIT% down to 25.6% (LY: 26.6%).
Dividend of 0.75 EUR (USD 0.8cps)
Net debt down to USD 79.9bn (LY: USD 88.8bn) with net cash down USD 9.9bn (LY: USD 12.0bn).
Total volumes grew by 2.3% y-y, with own beer volumes up by 1.8% y-y, and non-beer up 5.2% y-y.