Afrocentric Group (ACT) 1H24 – Results Snapshot

Diluted HEPS 20.7cps (-2.4% y-y).
Revenue growth +1.4% y-y to R4 384m.
Expenses grew 7.7% y-y, with expenses to sales up by 300bps to 52.9%.
OPM declined by 30bps to 6.7%.
Dividend of 11cps (1H23: nil).
Gross debt fell from R644m to R639m. Net cash improved from -R144m to R187m.
ACT has seen a 29% y-y increase in Sanlam gap policies and a 19% y-y increase in primary health insurance policies, albeit from a low base.
Effective 31 December 2024, ACT will be aligning its financial year end with Sanlam. Going forward, an annual dividend will be declared and paid based on audited results for the period January to December.