Bid Corporation (BID) 1H24 – Results Snapshot

Diluted HEPS of 1 148.7 cps (1H23: 969.7 cps).
Revenue growth of +24.0% (1H23: +28.1%) with a constant currency increase of 10.8% y-y. Real volume growth of c. 6% y-y.
GPM marginally increased +10 bps to 23.7% (1H23: 23.6%), supported by a focus on both discretionary and non-discretionary market segments.
Operating margin down to 5.0% (1H23: 5.2%).
Expenses increased +25.4% y-y to R21 061m, with Expense to sales up +20bps to 18.5% (1H23: 18.3%).
Dividend up +19.3% y-y to 525.0 cps (1H23: 440 cps).
Australasia segment posted revenue and trading profit growth despite pressure from inflation and interest rates.
UK segment battled with high food, labour, rent, and energy prices.
Volatility in input costs in Europe segment well navigated to post +29.0% y-y revenue growth. Emerging markets segment revenue up +11.8% despite economic challenges.