Caxton (CAT) FY23 – Results Snapshot

Diluted HEPS 188.6cps (+20.1% y-y).
Turnover increased by 16.6% y-y to R6 975m.
OPM increased by 230bps to 11.6%.
Expenses increased by 14.8% y-y while expense to sales decreased from 93.1% to 91.7%
Dividend of 60cps.
Cash generated from operating activities up 461.7% y-y to R523m.
Revenue grew on the back of price increases due to the large raw material input cost increases and volume increases in the packaging business, while volumes in the newspaper and commercial printing plants remained largely unchanged.
The group made acquisitions of R144.6m (R131.7m net of cash) made up of Amcor bag-in-box bladder business (R102.0m), remaining shares in Mooivaal Proprietary Limited, outstanding interest in Capital Media (R14.7m), and Allflex CC lamination business (R20.1m).