Clicks Group (CLS) 1H24 – Results Snapshot

Diluted HEPS increased to 533.6cps (+13.0% y-y).
Turnover growth of 9.0% y-y supported by Retail turnover growth of 12.4% y-y. Distribution turnover growth grew 1.3% y-y and was impacted by systems implementation at the main UPD distribution centre.
Group GPM improved by 120bps to 23.6%.
Expenses to sales increased to 21.7% compared to 20.7% in 1H23.
OPM% increased by 30bps to 8.5%.
Dividend of 210cps (1H23: 185cps).
UPD is now positioned for growth following the completion of the large-scale systems implementation and to benefit from the higher increase in SEP of medicines relative to the prior year.
Group aims to open between 50 and 55 new stores and a further 10 to 20 pharmacies for the financial year.
The acquisitions of Sorbet, M-Kem and the software development company 180 Degrees have been successfully integrated into the Groups operations.