Consumer Watch – August 2021

Vehicle sales growth continued in August 2021, with the y-y growth rate at 23.6%. The petrol price is
expected to increase by 7c/litre (to R17.62/litre) and diesel will drop by 16c/litre (R14.87/litre). The nominal
food and beverage sales growth recovered from last year’s depressed levels with growth of +98.3% y-y in
June 2021. Real retail sales growth eased to +10.4% y-y in June 2021(May+15.8%), while the FAO food
index declined further from 127.8 in May 2021 to 123 points, implying inflation of 30.9% y-y. PPI inflation
decreased by 60bps to 7.1% y-y in July, while CPI inflation declined from 4.9% y-y to 4.6% y-y in July 2021.

Building plans passed continued to recover from the depressed prior year levels. Private sector credit
extension increased by +0.6% y-y. The rand closed August at R14.51, weaker by -1% m-m against the US
Dollar and traded at an average of R14.65/USD for the month.