KAL Group (KAL) 1H24 – Results Snapshot

Diluted HEPS of 405.9cps (1H23: 374.8cps).
Turnover decreased by 0.2% y-y to R12.06 billion, with transactions decreasing marginally but basket size improving 1.5% y-y. Like-for-like comparable revenue declined 0.3% y-y.
GPM marginally up by 110bps to 13.7% (1H23: 12.6%).
Operating margin up 20bps to 4.8% (1H23: 4.6%).
Expense to sales up 90bps to 9.8% (1H23: 8.9%).
Dividend of 54cps (1H23: 50cps).
Wheat intake increased by 21.2% y-y, resulting in higher handling and storage income received.
Product inflation at c. 0.1% for the year, but excluding deflationary impact of fuel, inflation was 2.0%.