Libstar Holdings (LBR) 1H22 Results Snapshot

Diluted HEPS 24.6cps (+95.2% y-y).
Turnover growth +9.6% y-y.
GPM decreased by 10bps to 22.9%.
No Dividend .
Operating margin increased by 20bps to 5.0%.
PBT% increased by 30bps to 3.6%.
Expenses were well controlled with expense to sales % decreasing to 18.0% (1H21: 18.5%).
CAPEX to Sales slowed down to 2.4% (1H21: 2.8%).
HPC division remain classified as held for sale from previous fullyear reporting period.
Glenmor Soap subsidiary classified as held for sale. Group completed the exit from this investment shortly after the close of H1.