Life Healthcare (LHC) 1H24 – Results Snapshot

Diluted HEPS from continuing operations 46.6cps (1H23: 35.9cps). Diluted HEPS from total operations 64.7cps (1H23: 39.8cps).
Revenue growth from continuing operations +7.8% y-y to R11.7bn, driven by growth in southern Africa and strong growth in NeuraCeq doses sold.
Expenses grew by +10.4% y-y, with expenses-to-sales up by 210bps to 91.7%.
OPM from continuing operations reduced by 200bps to 9.3%.
Dividend of 19cps (1H23:17cps).
Gross debt decreased significantly from R13.0bn to R4.1bn.
The Group concluded the disposal of AMG on 31 January 2024 and received R10.2bn in net cash proceeds after the settlement of all offshore debt and transaction costs. A special dividend of R8.8 billion was paid on 8 April 2024 from these proceeds.
A R2.8 billion once-off gain following completion of the AMG disposal, was recognised within the 1H24 results.
PPDs in the acute hospital and complementary businesses grew by 2.3% y-y in 1H24.