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Technical Breaks, Ideas and Insights

The US10YT has made a negative break by breaking out of a long-term bull channel at 2.70%.
The USD breached its Long-Term Bull Channel at USD1.160 in July 2020 but then proceeded to break back into the Bull Channel recently and is testing strong resistance at USD1.042.
The ZAR gave a negative break in July 2021 by breaking out of a medium-term Bull Channel at around ZAR14.30.
The Brent oil price has been trading between USD100.00 and USD127.00 in recent weeks. A break above USD127.00 can lead the oil price to test USD149.00 in our view.
The Natural gas price has been rallying for similar reasons to that of the higher oil price.

This report provides technical analyses of the US10YT, EUR/USD, ZAR, Brent Oil price & Natural Gas price.