WBHO (WBO) 1H24 – Results Snapshot

Diluted HEPS from total operations increased by 42.4% y-y from 630cps to 897cps in 1H24, while DHEPS from continuing operations improved by 10.6% y-y to 905cps.
Revenue from continuing operations increased by 28.7% y-y to R13 299m, driven by strong a performance from the roads and earthworks segment which improved by 59.2% y-y.
OPM remained flat at 4.5%.
Expenses increased by 28.7% y-y to R12 710m, while expense to sales remained unchanged.
Dividend of 230cps.
Order book decreased marginally since June 2023 from R32.6bn to 32.3bn.
Cash from operating activities weakened by 19.6% y-y to R487m.
Long term liabilities decreased by 62.8% y-y to R207m, however, finance costs rose to R34m (+72.3% y-y).